The Field of Mars

The Field of Mars

The Field of Mars is the greatest memorial park in the center of St. Petersburg which occupies almost 90 thousand square meters. Majestic panorama of spacious square with a monument in honor of victims of the revolution ends with the Summer Garden in the South, the Michael Garden in the East, and Suvorov Square and Neva River in the North. The field originates in first years of the city itself.

The Field of Mars 1

In the beginning of the 18th century there was a swamp in place of today’s Field of Mars. Actually, the field received its contemporary name in 1805 for the first time. During a period of 1711-1716 the territory was used for holding of holidays, military festivals and marches. Lots of holidays were accompanied with fireworks that used to be called “poteshniye ogni” that is why the field was called the Poteshnoe Field. Under Catherine I the Great it was called “Caryzin Loug” (empress grassland) because her summer palace was placed there at that time. In 1805 a statue of famous Russian general Suvorov was set on the land and the field was named the Field of Mars. Some historians believe that it was called so because the statue depicted Suvorov wearing armor of an ancient war god Mars. In 1917 the fallen of February and October revolutionary actions were buried in the field. A year later it was renamed again in honor of the dead. The Mars Field turned into the Revolution square and a well-known memorial “Borzam Revoluzii” (in honor of fighters of the revolution). In 1942 during the time of the siege of the Second World Two the field was completely covered with vegetable gardens. At the end of the siege in 1944 the field was given its contemporary name. On November 6 of 1957 the first Eternal fire in the USSR was lighted in the center of the memorial “Borzam Revoluzii”.

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The mars field is an integral part of St. Petersburg which carries the spirit of history and traditions of the city.

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