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Alexander Garden is placed right in the heart of the city encircling the Admiralty building. The garden was opened in 1874 after two years of laborious tasks and work of hundreds of botanists, architects, engineers and workers. The idea of the creation belongs to Russian admiral Samuel Greig, and Eduard Regel was appointed to be the main botanist and administrator of works. Just to imagine how big the performance was: 5260 trees were planted, 12640 boscages of 52 various species were cropped, 115 cast-iron benches with wooden seats were placed across the garden, most of trees were supplied with tags on which names of species were written in Russian and Latin. The emperor Alexander II in honor of whom the garden was named planted an oak which still remains at the same place guarded by enclosure.

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The garden changed its names ten times throughout the history. The first name was given in 1706 even before the plan of the garden had appeared. Only during the 20th century the garden changed its name three times and since 1997 it exists under the original name. It is surrounded by city sights, monuments and memorials such as Zimniy Palace, Dvorcovaya square, Medniy Vsadnik, St. Isaac’s Cathedral and the Admiralty building. Alexander garden is connected with two St. Petersburg famous squares – Senatskaya and Dvorzovaya. If you take a look at the map then you will see that it seems like there are three rays coming out of the garden – this scheme was an initiative of Peter I the Great – they are three main streets Nevskiy and Voznesenskiy avenues, Gorohavaya Street. At present there are a fountain, two statues, and six monuments of outstanding people in Russian history. They were a writer, poet, composer, scientist, and politician. Total area of the garden is over 90 thousand square meters, so it is a great place to spend time usefully becoming familiar with various historical sights.

Alexander Garden

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