Leningrad Zoo

Leningrad Zoo 1

Leningrad Zoo is one of the oldest in Russia and the most northern zoo in the World. It was founded 125 years ago, in 1865 but in spite of the fact that there are no old-style buildings left; it still has the same location and layout as it used to have in the 19th century. It was the first zoo of the then capital. Leningrad zoo is located in the center of the city on the territory of Alexander Garden. At the present time, total area of the zoo is over 70 thousand square meters; it has over 3.5 thousand animals, and about 6.5 hundred species. Leningrad zoo is an amazing historical site with its own wide stories. Even during the blockade of Leningrad at the height of war the zoo was still working. Workers succeeded in saving a big part of the collection, although a lot of animals were killed. In honor of this act of heroism it was remained under the same name “Leningradskiy” in spite of the fact of renaming the city.

Leningrad Zoo 2

Nowadays various arrangements take place in the Leningrad Zoo, for instance review and theme excursions, educational programs and ecological games, educational lectures, different exhibitions, so called “days of feeding the animals”, when all comers are able to buy food and feed animals without any assistance from employees of the zoo, amusement park for kids etc. Also there are some plans for the future development. The administration of the zoo supposes to build a new zoo in Yuntolovo which will be a branch of the existing one. Small animals are supposed to be left in the city and large specimens are going to be moved in the new one. They are expecting to get an area of three millions square meters for further actions. As predicted, the new zoo will be visited by 1.5-2 million people a year. Now it’s only a plan nevertheless but the doors of the Leningrad zoo are opened and welcome every comer.

Leningrad Zoo

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