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The State Russian Museum


The State Russian Museum – is the first national museum of fine arts, built in 1895 in St.Petersburg by the order of the emperor Nikolay 2. The best exposition of the museum is showed in the Mikhaylovsky Palace and in the Benua. Here you can find many works of Russian famous painters, such as Rublev, Bruni, Kiprienskiy, Repin, Vrubel, Shishkin and many others. It is also the largest place in the world where all the best Russian exhibits are gathered. Works of art with different tendencies, started from 10th to 20th centuries are represented in the museum. It is a treasury of unique artistic values. The main expositions are located in the Mikhaylovsky Palace and in the Benya building. Artistic values are also located in Marble and Stroganov Palaces, in Summer Garden of Peter the Great. Over 50 exhibitions can take place at these territories at one moment. Sometimes these exhibitions take place in different Russian cities and abroad as well.


It was the Emperor Nikolay 2, who has written an order to build a museum in honour of his dad Alexander 2. Its opening took place on the 7 March in 1899. It was the first national museum of Russian fine arts. The basement of the collection was the first 80 paintings from the Hermitage, 120 paintings from the Artistic Academy and 200 from country Palaces. They were situated in the Mihalovskiy Palace; this unique collection was created with exhibits, bought at auctions and by means of private property.


The Mihalovskiy Palace was built in 1819 – 1825 by the architect Rossi for the Emperor Pavel’s son named Mikhail Pavlovich. Building of the Mikhaylovsky Palace started when Mihail was 21. Rossi was a talented architect; he added a complex that depicted the look of St.Petersburg city. Rossi has also built Mikhaylovsky Street and connected Mikhaylovsky Square with Nevsky Avenue. Later the Palace was bought out and given to the “Russian Museum of the Emperor Alexander 3”.


In 1914 the area of the Mihalovskiy Palace was not enough to hold exhibits and in 1917 by the project of architect Benua, a new building was built on the Griboedov sea front. Nowadays on the first floor of the Benua building you can find works of Soviet art, on the second – works of art from the second half of 19th – to the beginning of 20th century. In 1917 lots of national cultural values were added to this collection.



While the Great Patriotic War the Mikhaylovsky Palace and the Benua building suffered a lot from shooting attacks. But after the renovation in May of 1946 the State Russian Museum was opened for visitors. Nowadays the State Russian Museum participates in different exhibitions and international auctions, having the main purpose to get the best and most valuable works of art. The collection changes and enriches day by day. Ancient Russian graphic arts, visual arts of 18th-20th centuries, sculptures, paintings, prints, numismatics, water-color paintings, subjects of national usage, modern oil paintings can be found in the museum nowadays.


To the most precious artifacts of the museum include monuments of Ancient Russia, counting more than 18.000 of exhibits. This is a collection of family copies of middle-aged frescoes and collection of ancient sewing, icons. The same unique is the collection of oil paintings by Levizky, Rokotov, Brullov, Aivazovsky and many others.


In Soviet years the collection of the State Russian Museum was enriched by many modern works of art. In the section of modern art you can find  the works of Moiseenko, Oreshnikova, Muhinoi, Anikushina, Favorskogo, Kibrika and many others. A walk in the State Russian Museum – is a classical trip through the russian history. The best icons, such as Rubleva, Repina, Vasnecova, Vrubela, Surikova, Levitana, Serova and many others, are represented also. Every year over 30 modern exhibitions take place in the museum.


So the Russian Museum is a truly unique museum. It is considered to be unique because it was the first museum of fine arts, it has a unique collection, unique buildings and architecture, the place where it is situated. The Russian Museum is a real pride of Russian Culture.


The State Russian Museum will be an interesting and unique place to visit either for foreigners or for people from other Russian cities. You have unforgettable impressions about this trip, moreover you will learn more about Russian history, culture and art.

The State Hermitage Museum

Hermitage 0

The State Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia) has the best collection in the world. There can be counted near 3 million of artworks and monuments in the world culture. It includes – paintings, sculptures, graphic arts, archeological finds and many other interesting materials. The main residence of the Hermitage is situated in the very centre of Russia. It contains also the Winter Palace, which was the residence of Russian emperors, buildings of Small, Old and New Hermitage, the Hermitage Theater and the Reserve House. The Palace of Menshikov and the eastern part of the Main headquarter building are added in the museum complex, the restoration centre called “The Old Village”, and the museum of the Emperor ceramic plant. Collections of the Hermitage are precious, the represent such a rare uniqueness, that is interesting for many people of different countries, ages and nationalities.


Nowadays collections are gathered into 5 different buildings. For example, the Winter Palace is a beautiful place that differs from the other buildings by its luxury and refinement. It has been an Emperor residence for over 150 years. The Small Hermitage is situated near the Winter Palace; it was built especially for placing artistic collections. The New Hermitage is the first museum building in Russia, which was built by a special project. Its entrance is decorated with 10 sculptures, which were created in centuries but still keep one design and look of St. Petersburg. The Hermitage was built in 1764; the first collection of foreign painters has appeared there, later there were added sculptures, ceramic works, coins, beautiful fretwork stones, tapestries, carpets, furniture, jewelleries, medals, paintings and many others. What is the most interesting is that only originals are kept here. The section of monuments includes paintings, sculptures, and graphic. In more than 100 halls works from Italy, Germany, France, Holland, England, Spain and the others are gathered. Here are also represented works of Leonardo Da Vinci, Rubens, Raphael and many others. In section of history, culture and art you can lead the transformation of people and their life since the ancient Lithic Age to Bronze Age.

Hermitage 2

There are also showed ancient armaments, clothes, carpets, things made of gold. It contains the rarest things you can ever find since ancient times. Here are more than 140.000 monuments – ancient examples of writing, paintings, frescoes of Ancient Egypt, monuments of Pharaohs. The main value also represents paintings that were found while archeological excavations of ancient Russian cities and villages, they brought us the knowledge of culture and life of Ancient Russia. The most beautiful section is supposed to be the floor that is made of frescoes and mosaic in Mihaloisko-Zlatoverhi Abbey, here are added also examples of stone fretwork, jewelleries and collection of icons. Exposition showes us also the history of Moscow in 15-17th centuries, documents, books, medical instruments, navigation and artillery can tell us about reforms that took place in Russia in Petrovsky age. Art works, paintings, sculptures, graphic works, prints and frescoes can tell us about development at those times, that reflect the main events of the North War, that lasted for 21 years, and the building of St. Patersburg. The main impression you can get by entering halls of Winter Palace, Petrovskiy hall is devoted to the memory of Petr the First, picturesque panels depict him and his fightings. Here are also depicted arms gathered all over Russia. Here is also a gallery of 1812 year where more than 300 portraits of generals and participants of the Great Patriotic War are shown.

Hermitage 4

A Large throne room is the most beautiful attraction you can meet, it is decorated with white marble and gilded bronze, the floor has the similar look as the ceiling, the main territory of the hall is 800 sq. meters, and all the halls were designed with malachite. The Hermitage is the world famous museum. More than 3.5 million of people visit it every year. It is the best gallery of Russia, it represents the world art and is supposed to be one of the best artistic museums in the world. The Hermitage is the best attraction of St. Petersburg. It was built when Catherine the Great bought 255 paitings from Berlin, nowadays there are more than 2 million of paitings that gathered there and depict art of different countries and nationalities. It is said that if you will spend by a minute at one of all the paitings in the Hermitage, it can take you 11 years to look all. So if once you decided to visit the State Hermitage Museum in St.Petersburg, Russia do not have doubts about it. You can get unforgettable impressions and get many interesting knowledges, learn and discover many unusual and unknown facts for you, you can discover things you have never known about. Moreover, you can learn about art, history, culture and life of different countries and in differnet times.

Hermitage 5